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How Can Chiropractic Care Improve The Nervous System?

Chiropractic care isn’t just an effective tool to treat acute and chronic conditions affecting your day-to-day activities through debilitating and eroding injuries. What if we told you that the complex processes that take place every single day in your organs, tissues and cells can be kept in check and even improved by regular chiropractic care?

The millions of cells inside your body are hard workers that transport oxygen and nutrients and deliver them in form of energy to every system and its contained organs. Those cells don’t live forever, nor do we. That’s why as they complete their life cycles, they get replaced by new ones, just like leaves say goodbye when fall comes and new ones take their place in spring. Trees need to be healthy in order to be able to go through that transformation. So do our bodies.

That’s where Back2Health with its trained professionals comes in.

Cells wear out over time and must be replaced for the living organism to survive. This vital process takes place continuously and requires substantial planning, signaling, and resourcing. For example, human red blood cells live for approximately 120 days. Thus, your entire supply of oxygen-carrying red blood cells is replaced every four months. Cells lining the stomach have a lifespan of about five days. Cells lining the alveoli of the lungs have a lifespan of approximately one week.

Each of these cells are are like working ants or bees, living their lives with constant effort for their great responsibility. If they can’t get from point A to point B and perform their tasks, your body will suffer the consequences. Restricted air supply can have serious effects and, if not treated properly, long lasting conditions.

The Key Is In The Nervous System

Regular chiropractic care by expert and trained professionals, as well as physical and massage therapies, can ensure that the nervous system, which controls and directs every single cell in your body, works as it should and gets the job done. Think about the nervous system as your computer’s CPU (Central Processing Unit). Without it, nothing else can function.

The nervous system provides instructions for the proper functioning of all the cells in your body and processes information received from these cells. The massive complexity of the nerve system requires timely and accurate transmission of all signaling. Blood flow is a key aspect for this main control center’s performance. A pinched nerve, bulged disk or something as seemingly disregardable as a stiff neck can compromise it.

Regular chiropractic care can and will ensure a proper and uninterrupted blood flow and that your muscles and bones that contain these crucial highways remain healthy and in good shape. Waiting until your body develops a debilitating condition to contact an expert practitioner could prove to be the wrong choice. As they say, better prevent than cure.

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