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Catch Your Breath With Our Poconos Chiropractic Asthma Treatment

Did you know that there’s a chiropractic treatment for asthma?

Chiropractors are experts at treating much more than you might imagine. If you’re suffering from difficulty breathing, chest pain, constant cough and wheezing, then the professional care of a trained practitioner can help you feel better. We want to make it clear that asthma isn’t cured with this type of treatment, and you still have to take the necessary precautions and medications your doctor has prescribed you.

Many of the symptoms related to asthma and other respiratory conditions can be alleviated through chiropractic disciplines with techniques ranging from muscle relief to spinal decompression therapy, soft tissue therapy, and breathing exercises. Although not a standalone solution for asthma, these treatments will help your body stop suffering from the pain and discomfort that it produces.

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How Can Chiropractic Care Help Patients With Asthma
In this day and age, chiropractic care has evolved to the point of being able to provide solutions for many patients suffering from many different types of conditions and diseases. Sometimes these practices can help them overcome their injuries as well as alleviate the pain coming from a wide range of ailments. One of these is asthma, for which there is no known cure, but there certainly are preventive medications and treatments that can help your body on a daily basis.

Spinal manipulation, one of the many practices in which Dr. Nathan Laubach is an expert, is a pivotal part of chiropractic care which addresses the needs of asthmatic patients. Being able to adjust and correct your spine’s position will help your body breath better and suffer less from the typical wheezing and coughing that are so common in patients suffering from asthma.
It’s also within the chiropractor’s role to provide nutritional advice in order to help you have a better fighting chance against breathing problems and complications. Dr. Beth Laubach is a leading nutritionist in the Poconos area and is ready to help you achieve your best health. Apart from being a chiropractor, she specializes in nutritional and overall wellness. And if you’re an expectant mother or you have a child suffering from asthma symptoms, then you’ve come to the perfect place. Dr. Laubach is also certified and trained in the special care of pregnant women and children.
What Techniques Does A Chiropractic Treatment For Asthma Include?
Below you’ll find a brief list of techniques that usually compose a typical chiropractic treatment plan for patients suffering from asthma. These may or may not be the appropriate ones for your particular situation, but it may help you understand what to expect when you speak with our expert team at Back2Health. Remember that you can take advantage of a 15-minute free phone consultation right now by calling us. You can schedule an appointment right away.
  • Spinal manipulation to increase the motion of the thoracic cage
  • Ribs mobilization
  • Spinal decompression
  • Enhancing of arterial supply
  • Improving lymphatic return
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Breathing exercises
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