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If you are suffering from pain running down your spine, you may be experiencing back strain. Contact Back2Health today and get a 15-minute free phone consultation and let us know exactly what you are feeling. As the #1 chiropractors in the Poconos for six years in a row, we’re prepared to take care of you and provide you with expert diagnosis and treatment for your recovery. Stop suffering whenever you sit down, stand up, walk or even remain standing for long periods of time. Get Back2Health starting right now.

Do you know how common it is to have back strain or pain? Too common. Did you know that after headaches, back related issues dominate doctor’s office consultations? That’s how common these are. But that’s not a random fact, there’s a solid reason for this. Our backs contain large amounts of bones, muscles, tendons and blood vessels that bear our whole body’s weight throughout every single day of our lives. It’s just normal that they become strained or injured at some point.

So if you’re feeling pinching, burning or any other kind of pain through your neck, middle, and lower back areas, know that at Back2Health we’re experts at treating patients suffering from back strain, sprain, and any other injuries or conditions. Our trained and certified staff of professionals ranging from chiropractors, masseuses, physical therapists, and overall wellness experts, will help get you back to your original self.


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What’s Causing Your Back Pain
Back pain can originate from a variety of causes. As we said above, our backs support our whole bodies throughout our lives and their effort is constant. Feeling pain in our backs is normal and expected not only at late stages of our lives but even (and especially) when we’re growing up. It’s flexibility, strength and resilience are going to be tested every single day.

In this particular case, we are going to explain what can cause a back strain and a sprain. These sound and feel similar, but affect different parts of our spines and can cause very distinct long-term effects. So let’s begin by listing some of the most common causes of strains and sprains on our backs.

  • Heavy lifting
  • Twisting or pulling a muscle or a tendon
  • Sports injuries
  • Heavy traumas
  • Quick and sudden movements
  • Weak muscles and tendons

There are three major suspects when a patient comes into our office with back pain: tendons, muscles, and ligaments. Out of these three, tendons and ligaments are the most painful of all because of the role they have on our body. The first connect the muscles to the bones and the latter connect two or more bones together. The injury that will probably bring the most pain to you is torn or sprained ligaments. A sprained ligament will cause a very localized ache at places like the knees, ankles, elbows, and shoulders, to name a few. A torn ligament will cause really harsh, almost unbearable pain, meaning that two or more bones are now loose and disconnected from one another. Any athlete will be able to tell without a doubt how excruciating this pain is.

Strained muscles or tendons are much more tolerable injuries and also less severe. Although you might feel like you can live with it until the pain goes away, doing this results in improper healing process and a probable chronic condition. For instance, if you strain your ankle and you just let it rest until the swelling and pain go away, whenever you try to execute any movement that puts an effort on them, you’ll be at risk of getting a new injury because it never healed correctly or regained its normal strength.

So even if some of these injuries are not problematic initially, not taking care of them with expert professionals can have serious consequences. If you’ve suffered from a strained or sprained muscle, tendon or ligament recently, contact us right now and we’ll let you know how to proceed with a 15-minute FREE phone consultation. Call us now!
How To Recover From A Back Strain
Back muscle recovery can be accomplished in many ways. With our personalized approach, you’ll get a truly unique treatment suited to your particular body, because there are no standardized methods or recipes that can be repeated from one patient to the next. You are one of a kind, which is why our team will start from scratch when determining what you’re suffering from and what the best course of treatment is to take care of it.

Here are some ways we may help you recover from a back strain:

  • Physical Therapy: Regular, precise exercises oriented towards strength regaining and tissue recovery will help your injured muscles or tendons get back to their original, healthy state.
  • Chiropractic Care: Through the expert hands of Dr. Labach, you’ll see your muscles decompress and alleviate the pain. Often times the cause of your injury can be bad posture and slight movements of the spine. Through chiropractic care, we can adjust anything that’s out of place and treat swelling and aching.
  • Massage Therapy: Johanna M. Barnes is known through the Poconos as an expert in both western and eastern healing arts. Her hands will bring pain relief and recovery to your muscles and tendons.
Back strain can get worse if left untreated and increase the pain and aching it produces. Call us today and get a 15-minute free phone consultation or make an appointment right away, same day scheduling is possible. Let’s get you Back2Health today!
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