Urgent Neck or Back Concern?

At Back2Health, we have been providing advanced spinal correction using “state of the art” chiropractic techniques for over 10 years. Thanks to technological advances, we have been able to provide more accurate chiropractic care than ever before.
These latest correction methods are safe, pain-free and effective. As Doctors of Chiropractic, Dr. Nathan Laubach And Dr. Beth Laubach have years of training and experience in spinal manipulative therapy.
Why Should You Get Regular Chiropractic Adjustments?
With regular chiropractic adjustments, you will finally experience neck and back pain relief. The benefits of chiropractic care are not limited to optimum body alignment and flexibility. Our licensed chiropractors can improve your overall health and wellness by performing chiropractic therapy tailored specifically to your individual needs.
Health Benefits of Chiropractic Care
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Who can Receive Chiropractic Therapy?
Everyone, from children to pregnant women to active seniors, can benefit from regular chiropractic care; especially those who are suffering from neck and back pain. With our comprehensive chiropractic care experience, same day availability and affordable plans, you will receive the best chiropractic services in the Poconos.
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