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Hand numbness is often overlooked and even ignored by people suffering from it because they believe that it will resolve itself eventually. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Hand numbness is a common symptom of a number of conditions that need to be treated by trained professionals in order to prevent chronic and painful consequences.Conditions like a pinched nerve, carpal tunnel syndrome, and peripheral neuropathy all share the common symptom of hand numbness. We’ll go over the basics of each of these conditions in order to provide a glimpse into what could be causing your hand numbness.

If you suspect that you may be suffering from one of these conditions, you should contact a trained professional immediately. At Back2Health, we’ve assembled a highly experienced, award winning team. We have been voted the Pocono’s Top-Rated Chiropractic Office 6 years in a row. Our team’s combined knowledge and experience will get you on the road to health in no time.

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Hand Numbness can drastically change your life and your routines, preventing you from easily accomplishing your daily tasks, exercising as well as typing. We know how frustrating and concerning a symptom like this can start to feel when your life becomes completely affected by it. The following treatments will get you on the right track with the assistance of the team of professional at Back2Health: Physical Therapy: Stretching and regaining strength in your muscles is a pivotal method to prevent long-term consequences associated with hand numbness. At Back2Health, we take a whole-person approach to our therapies, carefully crafting a routine of exercises especially tailored to your specific needs. Chiropractic Care: Dr. Laubach’s mastery in chiropractic care will work wonders towards easing your pain and numbness. Depending on the origin of your hand numbness, our team will select the best practices oriented towards your recovery. Therapeutic Massage: Our award winning masseuse, Johanna M. Barnes, will ease your muscle pain with her wide range of experience in the following disciplines: Gua Sha, Neuromuscular Therapy and Trigger Point Therapy. By stimulating blood flow to the injured area, it will trigger an anti-inflammatory response, improving mobility, reducing pain, and promoting healing to prevent long term adverse effects.
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There are many things that could be causing you to feel numbness not only in your hands, but also in your feet, toes and back. Right now we’re going to cover three of the most common conditions associated with this symptom. Hand numbness that originates from problems with the spine is often, but not always, associated with neck pain and/or stiffness.

A Pinched Nerve (or Radiculopathy) is essentially the result of too much pressure applied to a nerve by different surrounding tissues like muscles, bones, tendons or cartilage. As a direct consequence, that nerve’s integrity and overall condition is reduced causing pain, burning, tingling, numbness, or an electric shock type of sensation in your back, neck or even shoulders and feet. For example, a pinched nerve on your lower back can result in numbness in your feet, as nerves in that area reach out to your lower extremities.

"Carpal Tunnel Syndrome": This condition is basically a pinched nerve, specifically located on one of the wrist nerves, causing tingling and numbness on the hand and its fingers. The forearm is also commonly affected by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Stretching therapies and overall physical therapy can prevent this condition from becoming a chronic or more severe disease.

"Peripheral Neuropathy": This condition derives from different levels of damage in the nerves of your feet and hands, causing tingling sensations and numbness. The origin of a Peripheral Neuropathy varies quite a lot, but it mainly comes from injuries, infections, metabolic conditions, inherited causes and exposure to toxins, as well as certain types of diabetes. Regular exercises and physical therapy can easily solve this condition.


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