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Lose Weight Easily And Effectively With Back2Health’s Expert Nutritionists
Are you trying to lose those extra pounds, but you just can’t seem to find the right way? Do you want to attain optimal health? Contact Back2Health today and lose weight in a controlled, effective and lasting way starting as soon as today. There’s nothing you can’t change with a little help from the experts and your very own will power. Sign up for our 30-day “Detox with the Docs” nutritional bootcamp, which has been successfully helping patients all around the Poconos for 9 consecutive years!At Back2Health, we specialize in providing fully personalized diagnosis and treatments, so every single patient that gets on our 30-day program receives a personalized approach, tailored to fit their body’s particularities and needs. But even though we treat everyone as the unique person they are, we also understand the power of group support. That’s why during this month-long journey, you’ll be able to contact not only Dr. Beth Laubach whenever you want, but also be in touch with your bootcamp pals to share experiences and support each other through the process.



9 Years Helping Patients Get Healthy
At Back2Health, we’re passionate about what we do and we’re very proud of having almost a decade of experience offering our 30-day Detox with the Docs program, helping countless patients lose weight. Each success story leaves a permanent impression on us and gives us strength and conviction to keep doing what we’re doing.

Dr. Beth Laubach’s expertise in wellness and nutrition, certified through a wide range of post-doctoral studies, ensures that you’ll be taken care of, counseled throughout the process and your progress monitored by only the best professionals in the Poconos. Don’t waste any more time with false promises and magical weight loss programs. Instead, trust the experience and award-winning staff that makes Back2Health widely recognized throughout the area.

Contact us today and sign up for a one-way trip towards weight loss with a proven effective plan that relies not only on our knowledge but also on your commitment towards regaining your best self. But that’s not all: save up to $200 by choosing our Detox with the Docs program and get a $50 gift!
Top Benefits Of Trusting Detox With The Docs
A nutritionist’s job isn’t just to help you lose weight, although many people still think that. As professionals, we will educate you on the benefits of a balanced and nutritious diet according to your unique body type. Sedentarism and bad eating habits can and will cause more than just some added weight gain. They also make you prone to heart diseases and other pathologies like diabetes or hypoglycemia and anemia. These are some of the benefits of trusting Back2Health’s Detox with the Docs:

  • Balance blood sugar
  • Restore health to the digestive system
  • Boost the immune system
  • Improve metabolism

By controlling and taking care of these vital aspects of your overall health, you will reap the benefits of your hard work. Here are some of the results you can expect after our 30-day bootcamp:

  • Clearer skin
  • Increased energy
  • Decrease in cholesterol
  • Decrease in blood sugar
  • Decreased digestive troubles
  • Prevent and/or eliminate joint pains
Quick Solutions Usually Don’t Work
One of the most important things we always explain to our patients is that this program is not a quick solution and it’s certainly not magical. It’s based on nutrition and Dr. Beth Laubach’s decades of studying, training, and certification. In short, this is not a quick weight-loss solution. Whoever tries to sell you quick fixes and magical treatments will disappoint you. In order to lose weight you have to:

  1. Be determined to do so
  2. Seek professional nutritionists
  3. Boost the immune system
  4. Improve metabolism

Detox with the Docs is a doctor supervised nutritional program designed to follow these rules and requires your commitment in order to succeed. We work as a knowledge-based, guidance and support team designed to help you achieve these goals through expertise, professionalism, and certified practice. That’s what makes a true weight loss center!

So, are you ready to begin your weight loss trip? Sign up today and be part of the 9th annual Detox with the Docs 30-day bootcamp. Call us if you have any questions and our team will be more than happy to assist you.
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