Urgent Neck or Back Concern?

Nutrition And Diet Center - Professional Nutritional Counseling In The Poconos

The Doctors at Back 2 Health are trained to help you with your nutritional needs. At Back 2 Health we offer two different and distinct approaches to helping you meet your health goals
through nutrition…
Base nutritional counseling and targeted nutritional supplementation. Regardless of your needs, at Back 2 Health we only offer our patients the highest quality, organic, chemical/additive free, GMO-free, whole food nutritional products.
Base Nutritional Counseling
Whether you are looking to shed some unwanted pounds or your goal is to simply experience optimal health, Base Nutritional Counseling is a great place for you to start your journey! Our Doctors are ready to help guide you as you learn to shop for, cook, and eat a proper base diet.
Nutritional Boot Camp
At Back 2 Health we offer a 30-day Doctor supervised nutritional boot camp that comes complete with grocery lists, recipes, and unlimited professional guidance and support (open access to your doctor for all questions and concerns).
Patient’s that complete the 30-day program have lost between
9 and 31 pounds in just 30 days. More importantly… they gain an invaluable nutritional knowledge base that they use to make permanent long-term changes for the better! All at a minimal investment of approximately $250! Inquire today and get on your way… Back 2 Health!
Targeted Nutritional Supplementation
If you are confident your base diet is proper but you have a specific nutritional goal, Targeted Nutritional Supplementation is what you are looking for! Concerned about boosting your immune system during the winter months? What about nutritional supplementation to help with osteoporosis… symptoms of menopause… gout… thyroid deficiency… digestive issues… arthritis pain… ???
Most people are not even aware that there are high quality nutritional supplements available to help them regain control of their most precious asset…their health!
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