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Are You In Pain Due To A Pinched Nerve?

How long are you willing to live with the pain? Are you feeling burning, tingling, numbness, or an electric shock type of pain in your back, neck, shoulders and/or feet? Have you lifted any heavy objects or been in a minor car accident? We know how you feel and understand what it’s like not being able to execute day-to-day tasks without feeling crippled by the excruciating sensation caused by Pinched Nerve conditions.

Severe and advanced conditions of a Pinched Nerve can have serious, long-term health consequences if they are not handled properly. Professional and responsible Chiropractic care will help overcome your pain. With Back2Health’s experience, voted the Pocono’s Top-Rated Chiropractic Office 6 years straight, we’re ready to make you feel better and help you regain power over your life.

If you want to know more about how we can make your pain disappear, take advantage of our free 15 minute phone consultation and same day appointment booking availability. Stop suffering now and let us answer all of your questions. Remember, this is your life, live it freely without pain!

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We Know How To Make Your Pinched Nerve Pain Go Away...

You can rely on our extensive experience in chiropractic care, physical therapy and spinal decompression therapy which have positioned us as the #1 team in the Poconos for six years in a row. We know how important it is for you to feel comfortable with those who you entrust with your health. Take a look at our incredibly talented and successful team:

Dr. Nathan Laubach has achieved post-doctoral credentials in Spinal MRI Interpretation, Spinal Biomechanical Engineering, Automobile Crash Reconstruction and Crash Dynamics, Whiplash Associated Disorders, Triaging the Trauma Patient, Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Impairment Rating.

Dr. Beth Laubach possesses a post-doctorate certification in the Webster Technique used specifically to treat pregnant woman, as well as a 240 hour post doctorate pediatric certification from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. She’s also certified in a post-doctorate level in the fields of holistic health management for the expecting mother, chiropractic care throughout all phases of pregnancy, evaluation and treatment of the infant and pediatric spine, neurosensory integration, neuroimmunology, and wellness-based nutrition.

Johanna M. Barnes, voted in 2013 as the greatest massage therapist in the Poconos, is a New Center for Holistic Health Education and Research graduate and is trained in both Eastern and Western healing arts. She is a licensed Massage Therapist in New York State and Pennsylvania. She’s also a Certified Personal Trainer and has more than 26 years of experience in her wide range of practices, which include deep tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, sports massage, therapeutic touch, european massage, and myofascial release.


A Pinched Nerve (or Radiculopathy) is essentially the result of too much pressure applied to a nerve by different surrounding tissues like muscles, bones, tendons or cartilage. As a direct consequence, that nerve’s functionality is reduced causing pain, burning, tingling, numbness, or an electric shock type of sensation in your back, neck or even shoulders and feet. For example, a pinched nerve on your lower back can result in pain in your feet, as nerves in that area reach out to your lower extremities.

Let’s take a look at the various effects and types of pain you may have right now and that are related to a Pinched Nerve condition so we can start your recovery right away:

  • Numbness and/or decreased sensitivity in affected areas.
  • A very sharp and acute pain, as if being punctured by a needle or receiving an electric shock.
  • Light to heavy tingling sensation.
  • Weakness and debilitation in affected areas.
  • Burning sensation on certain parts of your body.
We know exactly how you feel: crippling pain throughout your body, preventing you from performing basic movements like picking something up, extending your arms, moving your neck freely or quickly turning left or right. It’s painful, it’s bothersome and it’s tiring. The good news is you’ve found Back2Health, and we’ve got the knowledge and experience to make it all go away right now!

Our team of qualified experts in the field will help you recover and get back to your daily activities, sports and hobbies without having to worry about that crippling pain anymore. How? The following treatments will get you on the right track:

  • Physical Therapy: Stretching and regaining strength in your muscles is a crucial point in recovering from a Pinched Nerve condition. Each patient is unique which is why we carefully craft a routine of functional exercises tailored to your specific needs.
  • Chiropractic Care: Dr. Laubach’s mastery in chiropractic care will ease the pain, especially from conditions caused by auto accidents or heavy lifting, from which a Pinched Nerve injury usually arises.
  • Therapeutic Massage: Our award winning masseuse, Johanna M. Barnes, will take care of your upper/lower back pain with her wide range of experience in the following disciplines: Gua Sha, Neuromuscular Therapy and Trigger Point Therapy. For instance, stimulating blood flow to the injured area will trigger an anti-inflammatory response, improving mobility, reducing pain, and promoting healing to prevent long term adverse effects.


How does it originate?
  • Heavy lifting, car accidents, obesity, overworking and muscle stress, posture problems, some injuries, certain diseases like diabetes or thyroid conditions, pregnancy and some types of arthritis.
How prone am I to being affected by it?
  • Radiculopathy, or Pinched Nerve, mostly affects adults between 45 and 60 years of age, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.
  • On the other hand, Lumbar Radiculopathy has a very low incidence in the general population, representing 3 to 5% of the total cases.
Will I get better?
  • Firstly, the earlier you get diagnosed, the better chances you have of getting full relief. But it’s a crucial element to get an expert team of chiropractors to treat you. That’s why we recommend you call us now and get your free 15 minute phone consultation. Lastly, in severe situations a surgical procedure may be needed, although you should always look for physical therapy solutions before considering that.
  • Recent studies have concluded that both physical therapy and surgery have similar successful recovery rates, and showed clear signs of improvement over the observed period of time over 2 years, although the actual time needed to start feeling better could be just weeks.
Let Our Expert Team Cure Your Pain!

With our highly experienced and qualified team of doctors at your disposal, you’ll not only be able to effectively determine if your suffering from a Pinched Nerve, but also start healing right away with a combination of practices ranging from chiropractic care, therapeutic massage and physical therapy.

Regain your full body potential and health. A life free of pain is possible and at arm’s reach. Take advantage of your 15 minute free phone consultation and let us start working towards getting you back to health. Remember that we also offer same day appointments! What are you waiting for? Leave your pain behind and start enjoying your life again!

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