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Dr. Beth Laubach is passionate about helping children and families obtain exceptional health. She believes that if she can help improve the health of a child in his/her earliest stages of development, that child will have a higher quality of life for the duration of their lifetime.

She completed a post-doctorate certification in the Webster Technique used specifically to treat pregnant woman. She uses this technique to aid in mom and baby’s health during the prenatal phase of child development.

She has also completed a 240 hour post doctorate pediatric certification from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Dr. Beth has completed post-doctorate training in the following fields including, but not limited to: holistic health management for the expecting mother, Chiropractic care throughout all phases of pregnancy, evaluation and treatment of the infant and pediatric spine, neurosensory integration, neuroimmunology, and wellness-based nutrition.

For a complete look at Dr. Beth's education
and to review Dr. Laubach
credentials and training.
Can't all chiropractors adjust pregnant women and children?

Yes, all chiropractors have a small amount of education regarding the evaluation and treatment of pregnant women and children. The education chiropractors receive in school for this specific demographic is approximately 3 months during the 3 year chiropractic doctorate program. It includes a broad spectrum of basic techniques and evaluation tools. Training for pregnancy and pediatrics after that one class is not offered unless the doctor takes additional, post graduate classes to specialize in pregnancy and pediatrics.

Both the pregnant woman and the spine of a child are very delicate and are best evaluated and treated by a doctor that is trained in the treatment of pregnancy and pediatrics.

While any licensed Chiropractor has the base competency to treat women and children, Dr. Beth has dedicated her life’s work to specializing in helping women and children. With over 250 hours of post-doctorate training and more than a decade of clinical experience, you are sure to find that Dr. Beth will exceed your expectations for pregnancy and pediatric Chiropractic care. Don't settle for anything less than the best for your family!

What are the benefits of chiropractic during pregnancy?

Many individuals believe that chiropractic is only used during pregnancy for low back pain and breech babies. Chiropractic care for both of these conditions are definitely beneficial, however chiropractic care provides much more than that for the mom and baby.

By utilizing chiropractic during pregnancy, the pelvis remains flexible and unstressed. When the pregnant woman is able to remain in this state throughout her pregnancy, many benefits are possible. The chance of distocia (prolonged and/or stalled labor), breech presentation of the baby and pain are lessoned. The blood flow to the placenta and uterus is higher sending more nutrients to the baby. Increased flexibility in the pelvis allows more room for the baby to move and grow properly. Chiropractic care helps to keep mom’s immune system working strong and takes pressure off the low back as the belly begins to grow.

Overall, chiropractic helps keep mom’s body working to the best of its ability while it performs a miracle – developing a beautiful new life!

Why would my child need to see a chiropractor – he has no pain?

Chiropractic has the unfortunate false reputation of being a “pain relieving therapy”. The truth behind chiropractic care is that it is a treatment to the spine to take pressure off the joints and nerves. Nerves control every function in the body including sight, hearing, heart beats, lung breaths, digestion, bladder control, immunity, coordination, balance, sensory development and posture.

Due to the immense physical stress endured by the baby during the delivery process, a large number of babies are born with misalignments in the bones of their neck. These misalignments create nerve irritation and interference to normal body function. This may manifest immediately in the newborn with symptoms such as difficulty with latching or turning their head to one side, regurgitation, colic or abnormal fussiness, and digestive issues. Likewise, when relatively minor, these misalignments may remain generally asymptomatic through early development only to manifest later in life. In such cases, as the child’s body grows rapidly through adolescence, spine development will progress sub-optimally and may result in common neck and back conditions such as irregular spine curvatures, headaches, and pain. While your primary care doctor or Pediatrician may brush these adolescent complaints off as “growing pains”, Dr. Beth is trained to thoroughly evaluate, detect, and treat these common spinal imbalances. Frequently, within a handful of visits your little one is singing the praises of Dr. Beth’s expertly delivered care!

So, how do you know if your child should be checked by a pediatric chiropractor?
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  • A difficult or complicated birth
  • A slow or prolonged birth
  • Usage of forceps during birth
  • Cesarean section birth
  • Breastfeeding problems
  • Colic or excessive fussiness
  • Digestive problems
  • Being dropped as a baby
  • Irregular or unusual sleeping patterns
  • Fallen off a bike or while playing sports
  • Had a bruise or bump on their head
  • Recurring ear infections
  • Asthma or breathing issues
  • Bedwetting
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