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Sciatica or Herniated Disc Pain Relief Treatment

Are You In Pain From Sciatica Or Herniated Disc?

Are you feeling constant burning or a sharp pain in your back, running from your lower back all the way to the back of your leg? Are you constantly struggling to walk or stand up without having to grasp or hold your back? Then what you may be experiencing are the common symptoms of Sciatica and/or a Herniated Disc condition.

Free yourself from the pain that comes from Sciatica and Herniated Disc conditions. We understand what it feels like to not be able to move freely or stand up without feeling discomfort in your lower back, buttock and the back of your leg. But guess what? We also know how to make it go away, and we have both the experience and an award winning staff of professionals to do it. Evaluation by a qualified practitioner will help to determine the underlying cause of your pain and get you Back2Health as soon as possible!

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Our Spinal Decompression Therapy Will Take Care of your Sciatica or Herniated Disc

At Back2Health, we’ve put together an award winning team of professionals selected as the best in the Poconos for 6 years in a row.. The reason for that is a thorough examination of every single one of our patients in a fully personalized way in order to determine your condition with precision and responsibility. This, combined with the expertise of our staff members results in countless success stories and recognition by our Poconos community.


This condition usually originates from an irritation or injury to the Sciatic Nerve, a large nerve that runs down the back of your leg. But that’s not the only thing that can lead to Sciatica related conditions. Below are some common causes:

  • Herniated disc or bone spur applying pressure on a nerve.
  • A pinched nerve caused by inflammatory conditions.
  • Degenerative disc diseases.
  • Narrowing of the spinal canal.
  • Irritation of the sacroiliac joint.

If you have any of the following symptoms, then you might be suffering from Sciatica and/or Herniated Disc conditions:

  • Burning pain or soreness starting from the buttock region and typically travelling to the back of your leg.
  • Leg pain on the hamstring area, possibly extending all the way into your calf and foot.
  • Leg and/or foot numbness.
  • Prickling sensation on any of the areas stated above.
  • Difficulty walking or sitting down.
With simply the best professionals in the Pocono area at your disposal, there’s no reason to keep suffering with the pain. Give yourself the freedom to move as you used to. Let’s take a look at some of the treatments Back2Health has to offer.

An accurate diagnosis, in addition to our wide range of physical therapy practices, will relieve you of your pain. Our Spinal Decompression therapy is perfect for patients suffering from herniated and bulging discs, sciatica, and chronic low back pain. We utilize the latest technologies to deliver effective results. Some benefits from our Spinal Decompression techniques include: pain relief, spinal disc alignment, pressure relief on spinal nerves, disc breakdown prevention, healing on spinal disc tissues.


Physical Therapy:

Stretching and regaining strength in your muscles is a crucial part of recovering from a Pinched Nerve condition. During the treatment, you will lie on your back in a relaxed position. Your knees will be elevated with a bolster underneath for comfort. A harness will be attached to your chest and lower back. You will feel a slight pull and then a backing off of pressure. Your spine will gradually elongate, resulting in decompression of the discs and nerves.

Chiropractic Care:

Dr. Laubach’s mastery in chiropractic practices will ease your pain and discomfort. With regular chiropractic adjustments, you will finally experience the back pain relief you have been yearning for. Our licensed chiropractors can improve your overall health and wellness by performing chiropractic therapy tailored specifically to your individual needs.

Therapeutic Massage:

Our award winning masseuse, Johanna M. Barnes, will take care of your lower back pain with her wide range of experience in the following disciplines: Gua Sha, Neuromuscular Therapy and Trigger Point Therapy. For instance, stimulating blood flow to the injured area will trigger an anti-inflammatory response on the affected nerves, improving mobility, reducing pain, and promoting healing to prevent long term adverse effects.

Common Sciatica And Herniated Disc Effects

Sciatica and Herniated Disc: A Very Common Condition

It's important to know that you’re not alone and that what you’re feeling is a very common condition. Take a look at the statistical data we’ve shared below:

We Can Help You Heal And Take Your Pain Away!

It is important to get diagnosed by professionals in order to pinpoint the exact origin of your pain, as many injuries and conditions can have similar symptoms as Sciatica and Herniated Disc. At Back2Health, you’ll get the absolute best treatment by experts recognized as the best in the Poconos for the last 6 years.

Getting an early diagnosis will be a crucial factor in your recovery time, so please contact us as soon as possible using your 15 minute free phone consultation. There’s nothing in the way of you getting healthy again and beginning your journey to a pain-free life. Without proper care, you risk further injury to your body.


Seeing an experienced and licensed chiropractor is one of the most effective ways of providing pain relief for patients suffering from these symptoms. These are just some of the benefits of contacting Back2Health today:

  • Decrease Swelling & Irritation
  • Restore Mobility and Quality of Life
  • Reduce Pain
  • Get Actual Results

Trust in Expert Care

With the #1 team of experts in the Poconos for 6 years running at your disposal, what are you waiting for? Dr. Nathan Laubach, Dr. Beth Laubach and the award winning Johanna M. Barnes work tirelessly to provide a fully personalized treatment plan for each individual patient. You’ll get the best of the best working to get you back to a healthy you.

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