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If you work on a computer all day long or repeat a certain movement for long periods of time, then you might start feeling an impossible pain that prevents you from doing your daily activities with ease. Tendonitis can affect your body in a lot of places and completely ruin your daily routines if not taken care of. Stop living with pain and get Back2Health starting today!Tendonitis can affect a knee, foot, wrist, elbow, hands and many other body parts, seriously reducing your movement possibilities due to excessive pain. That pain can be extended through your tendons and affect your hands, feet, arms and legs. If you feel a lingering, pressure-like pain preventing you from even clicking a mouse, then call us at Back2Health, there’s no need to live with this anymore.

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Tendonitis is highly treatable and with an almost guaranteed recovery rate, especially if you decide to trust Back2Health’s highly skilled, trained and professional staff. Their expertise in chiropractic care, physical therapy as well as massage therapy, combined with their fully personalized whole-body approach will get you on your way back to being pain-free again.

Back2Health has been named the #1 team of professionals in the Poconos for five years in a row. We’re proud of being able to bring the happiness and health back to our patients, so they can continue to lead full lives.

Are You Suffering From Tendonitis? Professional Treatment By A Highly Trained Staff Means Guaranteed Recovery

Tendonitis is a pretty common condition that can originate from an injury or slowly develop due to repetitive movements and bad posture. Let’s take a look at the most common causes of Tendonitis:

  • Overuse, severe strain or injury
  • Sports like Tennis and Golf
  • Repetitive movements
  • Bad posture
  • Long-term PC or cellphone use

Tendonitis Symptoms: Whatever type of tendonitis you are experiencing, the following symptoms are common to all of them and can help you recognize and identify your condition. If you happen to be suffering from these, don’t hesitate and call us for a 15-minute free phone consultation to get you started with an initial diagnosis and treatment plan.

  • Sudden, crippling pain when moving the affected area
  • Swelling and sensation of heat
  • Red tainted skin, akin to inflammation
  • Pain even when not moving the affected area

Fortunately, the Pocono area possesses an expert team of professionals ready to help you recover as fast as possible. Dr. Nathan Laubach, Dr. Beth Laubach and Johanna M. Barnes lead Back2Health’s award winning team using non-invasive therapies. If you’ve been advised to get surgery, don’t make a rush decision and start by calling us for a free 15-minute consultation. Surgery should be the last resort.

What We Do: Physical Therapy is the go-to technique for patients suffering from tendonitis. With Dr. Nathan Laubach and Dr. Beth Laubach’s expertise in chiropractic and physical care, including the award winning masseuse Johanna M. Barnes, you’ll get a whole-body approach geared to your particular situation. They will design a unique treatment plan just for you. No two bodies are the same, that’s why working with a team that looks at each case individually is a great place to start.

Different type of tendonitis. These are some of them:

Achilles Tendonitis: As its name implies, this type of tendonitis affects the Achilles tendon which connects the calf muscle to the heel bone. This is very common for athletes who play sports like Soccer, Football and Basketball. If left untreated, more severe conditions can arise like a rupture in the Achilles tendon.

Supraspinatus: If your pain is located around the top of the shoulder joint, then you might be suffering from supraspinatus tendonitis. You might feel pain when moving your arms upward or sleeping lying on that particular side.

Tennis Elbow: This is the name used to describe a condition commonly suffered by golfers and tennis players that prevents them from enjoying their hobbies because of a severe pain in the elbow area which can easily spread along the arms and hands. Trying to lift mildly heavy objects also generates pain.

Tenosynovitis: This type of tendonitis often affects the hands, wrist and feet and is caused by inflammation and strain. This can originate from a sudden injury or repetitive movements.

Wrists: If you feel pain when moving your wrists, for instance when doing everyday activities, cooking, driving or writing, then you are probably suffering from wrist tendonitis.


Call us right now and get a 15-minute free phone consultation. Let us know what’s afflicting you, what your pain feels like, where it’s located and when it started, and will do the rest. With an initial diagnosis, we can start thinking about potential solutions and an appropriate course of treatment. We guarantee that you’ll recover from your tendonitis and feel like yourself again in no time!

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